Coming Together is about giving and about sex—a tantalizing combination in any context.

Conceived online in the Literotica®com Authors' Hangout, a forum for erotica writers, Coming Together is the passionate product of many talented individuals.

We were all amateurs when the first erotic cocktail was served in the spring of 2005. In the years since the inaugural volume hit the cyber shelves of Café Press, many of the original contributors have become successful professionals: authors, poets, editors, and artists.

To date, Coming Together has compiled dozens of collections and launched individual full-length and novella lines. I am thrilled with and humbled by both the quantity and quality of the submissions received. Critical acclaim is the cherry on top.

We strive for an inclusive mix across our publications, embracing the diversity of desire. The causes we champion span all demographic groups and so, appropriately, does Coming Together. While each individual intoxicant may not suit the tastes of every reader, the savory cocktail is sure to stir every imagination.

Note, however, that these pages may contain stories in which the characters do not practice safe sex. Everyone involved with the publication of Coming Together encourages its readers to act responsibly and to take appropriate precautions against both unwanted pregnancy and the transmission of disease.

Bottoms up!

Alessia Brio, editor-in-chief