Neat is a line of novellas (10K-50K words). Periodically, individual titles are collected into omnibus editions. As with all Coming Together publications, diversity is the keyword. Thus, all colors and flavors of erotic fiction are welcome.

All proceeds from the sales of Neat titles are placed in a microlending account at Kiva, where they will help entrepreneurs in 3rd world countries launch or expand their businesses.


When Coming Together receives payment for sales, it is deposited into the account at Kiva. The authors then have the option of either receiving Kiva gift certificates in $25 increments so that they can manage the microlending or allowing Coming Together to handle it. If opting for the gift certificate, the author must register at Kiva & become a part of Neat's lending team. Once the loan is repaid, the author (assuming he/she has opted to manage the funds) can withdraw their royalty or reinvest it in another entrepreneur. Funds left under Coming Together's management will be continually reinvested.

Publications in the Neat line include: