Lefty McGee (a/k/a "The_Fool" from LITEROTICA) is fond of cigars, whiskey, and words. Not to say that he is an aficionado of any of the three. He still tends to bite the end off of cigars rather than use a cutter. Whiskey may be drunk from the glass or straight from the bottle with or without ice and is typically "the good stuff." Words he treats with an equal lack of reverence; tending towards a less refined delivery, in other words, smutty. He enjoys taking an innocuous phrase and offering an erotic twist on it.

Because he has a short attention span most of his writing has been limited to short works. Some would call it poetry, he prefers to call it blurts, as they tend to be short, spontaneous and in his opinion, totally lacking in any social redeeming value. But that is okay for him as he tends to forget the words as soon as they are written. According to Lefty, once written, the words belong to reader rather than the writer.

Lefty’s alter ego is a staid, conservative engineer with a BSEE, MBA and lots of other initials after his name that are utterly meaningless out of context. He designs lots of different technical elements related to Telecommunication Infrastructures that have little impact on either poetry or erotica. He currently resides in Kansas where he continues to make life a living Heck (too lazy to make it a living Hell) for his wife, two sons and neurotic wiener dog.

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Lefty's poetry appears in the following Coming Together publications: